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Sex of Animals in Spanish : Grammatical and biological gender don’t always match

Mittwoch, Januar 29th, 2020

Sex of Animals in Spanish : Grammatical and biological gender don’t always match ukrainian brides free chat

If you were to think that masculine nouns in Spanish will always combined with talking about men and feminine nouns when talking about females, your presumption would be— that is wrong whenever speaking about pets.

The names for nearly all animals are either masculine or feminine like most nouns. As an example, the expressed term for giraffe, jirafa is feminine, and it will be applied whenever talking about any giraffe, whether man or woman. Likewise, rinoceronte is masculine, and it will be employed to relate to rhinoceroses of either intercourse.

The exact same is performed with individuals. El humano (individual) is masculine even though talking about a girl or woman, and la persona (individual) is feminine even though discussing a person or child.

Pets With Sex-Differentiated Names

Some pets have actually various names for every single intercourse. As an example, a perro is a male dog, and a perra is a lady dog or bitch. The names don’t need to be therefore comparable: a cow is una vaca, while a bull is un toro, despite the fact that they make reference to the exact same types of animal. As with these examples, it is common, while not universal, for pets with sex-differentiated names in Spanish to have names that are differentiated English also.

Other pets with various names for the sexes are:

  • el lagarto (male lizard), la lagarta (feminine lizard)
  • el elefante (male elephant), la elefanta (feminine elephant)
  • el caballo (stallion), la yegua (mare)
  • el carnero (ram), la oveja (sheep)
  • el gallo (rooster), la gallina (hen)
  • el macho (billy goat), la cabra (nanny goat)

Generally speaking, the masculine type can be looked at as the standard title when it comes to variety of types. (mehr …)