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ellaOne is a contraceptive designed to avoid maternity after non-safe sex or should your contraceptive method has failed

Dienstag, März 17th, 2020

ellaOne is a contraceptive designed to avoid maternity after non-safe sex or should your contraceptive method has failed

ellaOne contains lactose

If you have got been told through your medical professional or any other doctor that you’ve got an intolerance for some sugars, inform your pharmacist prior to taking this medication.

3. How exactly to just simply just take ellaOne

Always just just take this medication just as described in this leaflet or as the pharmacist, medical practitioner or other medical practioner has said. Consult with your pharmacist or medical practitioner if you should be uncertain.

Simple tips to make the ellaOne tablet

  • just Take one tablet by lips at the earliest opportunity with no later than 5 days (120 hours) after unsafe sex or contraceptive failure. Use the tablet straight away.
  • You are able to simply take the tablet at any amount of time in your period.
  • Ou usually takes the tablet whenever you want associated with either before, during or after a meal day.
  • Before you take ellaOne”) or if you have used one of these medicines in the past 4 weeks, ellaOne may work less effectively for you if you are using one of the medicines that may prevent ellaOne from working properly (see section above ““What you need to know. Confer with your pharmacist or doctor before utilizing ellaOne. Your medical professional may recommend another kind of (non-hormonal) crisis contraceptive, i.e. A Cu-IUD.

If you vomit after using ellaOne

If you vomit (be ill, provide) within 3 hours of using the tablet, simply take another tablet at the earliest opportunity.

From becoming pregnant if you have sex again after taking ellaOne

If you have unprotected sex after taking the tablet, it will not stop you. When you use the tablet and until the next duration comes, you should utilize condoms each time you have sexual intercourse.

In case the next duration is belated after using ellaOne

After using the tablet, it really is normal for the next duration to be a couple of days later.

Nevertheless, in case the duration is much significantly more than 1 week late; if it really is unusually light or unusually hefty; or you experience the symptoms such as for example stomach (stomach) pain, breast tenderness, vomiting or sickness, you are expecting. You need to perform a pregnancy test immediately. That you see your doctor if you are pregnant, it is important. (See part „Pregnancy, breast-feeding and fertility“).

In the event that you just simply just take more ellaOne than you should

There have now been no reports of side effects from using an increased dosage than suggested with this medication but do pose a question to your pharmacist, doctor or any other medical practioner for advice. If you’ve got any more concerns on the utilization of this medication, pose a question to your pharmacist, physician or other medical practioner.

4. Feasible part effects

Like all medications, this medication could cause negative effects, but not everyone gets them.

Some signs such as for example breast abdominal and tenderness(stomach) discomfort, throwing up (vomiting), queasy (sickness) will also be feasible indications of maternity. In the event that you skip your duration and experience such signs after using ellaOne, you ought to execute a maternity test (See part 2 „Pregnancy, breast-feeding and fertility“).

Typical part effects

(these may influence as much as 1 in 10 individuals)

  • Sickness, stomach (belly) discomfort or vexation, vomiting
  • painful durations, pelvic discomfort, breast tenderness
  • hassle, dizziness, swift changes in moods
  • muscle tissue discomfort, right right back pain, tiredness

Unusual part effects

(these may influence as much as 1 in 100 individuals)

  • Diarrhea, heartburn, wind, dry lips
  • uncommon or irregular genital bleeding, heavy/prolonged periods premenstrual problem, genital discomfort or release, reduced or greater sexual drive
  • hot flushes
  • appetite changes, psychological problems, anxiety, agitation, sleep problems, sleepiness, migraine artistic disruptions
  • influenza
  • zits, skin damage, latin bride irritation
  • temperature, chills, malaise

Rare side effects

(these may impact as much as 1 in 1,000 individuals)

  • Vaginal discomfort or itching, discomfort during intercourse, rupture of a ovarian cyst, unusually light duration
  • loss in concentration, vertigo, shaking, disorientation, fainting
  • uncommon feeling in attention, red eye, sensitiveness to light
  • dry throat, disruption in style
  • hives (itchy rash), feeling thirsty

Reporting of part effects

If you obtain any side-effects, speak to your pharmacist, doctor or other medical practioner. This can include any feasible negative effects perhaps not placed in this leaflet. You may also report effects that are side (see details below). By reporting negative effects you can easily offer additional information from the security for this medication.

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