Guys For Sale: French Online Dating Service Has “Supermarket Of Love” To Women

Guys For Sale: French Online Dating Service Has “Supermarket Of Love” To Women

If, by opportunity, you had been in Paris the other day, you may possibly have seen a madness of activity on Rue de Los Angeles Bonheur as a brand new, traveling pop-up look for, which equals, exposed its doors within the city’s trendy, fashion district. The pop-up, which is available for 10 times before it progresses to Brussels, Lausanne, Toulouse and Lyon, brings the favorite French, on line site that is dating life as genuine guys are presented in life-size, model containers like living, breathing Ken dolls for females to ogle and browse. Oh, mon dieu!

Although the pop-up’s boxed guys, whose labels sport names like “Mr. Strength” and “The Rocker”, are in fact hired models for display purposes only, these are typically designed to represent the various forms of genuine, qualified bachelors the ladies who enroll utilizing the site that is dating be prepared to fulfill on line. Nothing can beat a little PR that is over-the-top to drive international brand name awareness and visitors to your internet site.

But this promotion producing tour that is pop-up simply an additional boost to the site’s currently impressive appeal, which includes been growing since its 2010 launch. Apparently, ranks among the list of top 100 French web sites and it is the French industry frontrunner in online traffic with increased than 300 million web page views four weeks.

The company’s spin why differs from the others than many other online dating sites… they’re the only one “where women have been in full control over the courting process, making searching for guys as simple as searching for shoes.” Truthfully, there is not one section of that feature that does make us cringe n’t.

Nevertheless, interest got the very best of us, it works: “Inside’s so we dug just a little much deeper to learn so just how supermarket of love, a lady shops for ‘products’ at her leisure. She places as many products as she likes in her ‘cart’, opening the lines of communication when she’s ready to commit. Until then, guys lay on the rack, contending for attention and waiting to obtain noticed.” The women a.k.a “shoppers” are the only ones who can initiate communication and then the guys a.k.a “products” have to sell themselves through their online profiles in other words.

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Ok… although we manage to get thier entire girl accountable for her very own dating destiny platform, that will be weak schtick at the best, and view their make an effort to bring humor and playfulness in to the online dating sites experience, we’re just not into this idea for a wide variety of reasons. Barring the most obvious insulting aspects (to both genders) and cheesiness from it all, imagine if the Shopper and Product had been reversed making the Shoppers guys therefore the items females. Individuals, including us WYSKers, would go BANANAS! We’re definitely not going to feed in to the standard that is double say it’s pretty and clever in this way, but could be horribly unpleasant into the reverse. Main point here: human beings aren’t commodities become added to shopping that is online.

While we’re perhaps not yes exactly exactly what the precise deal is with all the U.S. form of the site – – as we weren’t planning to register to try and discover, it appears to occur, but cross links by having a British variation – The company’s CEO and co-founder, Sebastien Sikorski, had this gem that is little of to talk about using the world if the U.S. web site apparently established, “Everyone views the French as masters of love. Our hope is by bringing the French methods of love, seduction and dating to America, Will be France’s gift that is greatest to America because the Statue of Liberty.”

Monsieur Sikorski you simply can’t be severe!

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