FOLLOWING THE YELLOW BRICK ROUTE I used up some time today surfing. Possibly not at the beach destination (I under no circumstances learned so that you can surf after living in the Gulf for over 30 years). I was searching doing some ‚follow the yellow brick road‘ path. I love to call them that since one internet connection, leads to another, leads to yet another and you it is worth it to find an Emerald Town at the end! Employing great thing regarding following one way links: you never fully understand where these are going to take anyone and what excursions you will have as you go along.

These are the exact jewels I uncovered today. As i couldn’t aid but pass them alongside to all my very own parent readers (and admirers! ):
It is really an amazing web-site for university or college planning. It’s interactive along with tons of pleasurable. It’s not your individual typical boring college information site. It’s a entertaining place to start the particular search for mid schoolers using schedules along with tips from start to finish high school. Whaz up team and dudettes… check this one out! (I know I am just not hip but I just try)
Whoa. This is NOT your personal avearage school tour webpage. This one includes moxy and some genuine off the beaten track creativity. There are video organized tours that ORDINARY, a message deck, cool 3D maps, games, career video and methods to connect with additional college students. Follow through one released and get from the ‚mood to get college‘!
I had to plop one in just for the parents. This is the GREATEST, I explained BEST, internet site for anything you want to know concerning financing of which college instruction but happen to be afraid to ask. Remember fellas: DENIAL is not really a stream in Egypt. Knowledge is normally power. The larger you know cardiovascular disease prepared you will find yourself. So take a deep breath and jump in!
As my favorite daughter would certainly say… ‚cool beans‘. That is a site to select from and be uncovered by educational institutions, scholarships together with other college plans. A GREAT social networking site along with a place to add and set upwards an online presence.
The site is Twitterific! Yes, I had say that. Satisfy college life on Tweet: students, educational facilities, faculty, night clubs, and more. Stay in the loop for of the most up-to-date college together with student current information via each of the great Tweet links. In addition to, there’s a possibility to ‚follow all‘ when you are so had. Whew… I can just follow… EVERYONE!


No ‚yellow brick road‘ search could be complete without unearthing a scholarship. Of which this one is a great one. This you enter to win… Submit a invention that explains to you with us what you wish to achieve as part of your personal in addition to professional life after faculty. Your entry can be a photos, collage, poetry, drawing, artwork, graphic design bit, short entered explanation, or maybe anything YOU could easily create in an photo! Your entry should talk: This is how I ‚Frame My very own Future. ‚

That stops my search for today. I believe I can securely say I noticed the ‚Emerald City‘ simply because every one of those people links will take your teen nearer to their want a college knowledge.


If you intend to help she or he with the institution decision method, you are not by yourself. According to story on TodaysCampus. com through Joe Dysart:

Nearly all parents (90 percent) looking into colleges and universities with regard to kids happen to be turning to online for information, as outlined by a recent customer survey from a number of market research sets.

Of the surveyed parents, 82 percent says they plan to play a pivotal purpose in helping their children make the good investment about institution. Only 17 percent mentioned they will charge their child to generate that decision independently.

Cyberspace is filled with information relevant to the college final decision process. It is crucial to know how to locate it and how they can sift through all the info to utilize what exactly is most very helpful. My Families Countdown to school Toolkit sends you to the appropriate websites and offer you the information you need to carry out a vital role in aiding your teen make your final decision in relation to college.


If your adolescent is an general student, you may well be thinking that group college or perhaps a local little state faculty is all their only preference. But , actually, there are some possible choices you might take into consideration.

According to a current seminar in the National Relationship for Higher education Admission Therapies,

You will find application systems that can help… Some tough colleges are seeking for more physical diversity, and will eventually consider pupils with sluggish grades if they end up being from one more part of the country. Students with weak standardised test scores should also take into consideration colleges which is where SAT together with ACT dozens are various. (A number can be found at

Students may want to request a job interview at organisations that no longer necessarily need them, to indicate character levels that transcripts and GPA’s don’t indicate.

One institution counselor advisable applying mid-year, when university admissions are less cut-throat than in the exact high-pressure drop. Another recommended looking for organisations with pre-admission programs to relieve students to the college they plan to go.

Of course , all experts recommend that focusing on grades first in your teen’s high school employment will ensure much more college possible choices. But if your youngster is already on their senior yr and there is too busy to correct their GPA, there are always application methods that can help.

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