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Looking for ‘Suzy Homemaker‘–a Real-Life Sequel to ‘Stepford spouses’

Sonntag, September 8th, 2019

Looking for ‘Suzy Homemaker‘–a Real-Life Sequel to ‘Stepford spouses’

Once in awhile, a film occurs that, for reasons uknown, presents a brand new term or expression to the American vernacular to spell it out a label.

There’s Captain Queeg (the tyrannical employer), Mrs. Robinson (the adulterous partner), Dr. Strangelove (the angry scientist).

And there’s the “Stepford Wife,” a synonym for “Suzy Homemaker.”

Well, individuals, hear this. a modern-day variation is increasing phoenix-like from the chaos of two-career marriages, leading social observers to anticipate that the real-life sequel to “The Stepford Wives” might be in route.

“Women are now being pressed back in being Stepford Wives,” records Los Angeles psychologist Rex Beaber and a faculty that is former for the UCLA class of Medicine, “but that movement will be promulgated by both women and men. It is not only the guys that are carrying it out this time.”

Few would argue that when you look at the mid-’70s lots of men reacted towards the movement that is feminist wanting for a Stepford Wife who would put her husband’s, children’s and home’s requirements before her very own.

Today, everyone else dreams about a Stepford Wife. (mehr …)